“The Simpsons” have a habit of killing off characters over the years (as well as making THOH characters non-cannon), so of course, there are going to be some favourites that end up dying. So, which 5 will we miss the most (and least)?

5) Hugo Simpson II: Bart’s )evil) conjoined twin brother, Hugo, made his first (and only) appearance in THOH VII segment “The thing and I”. Although he’s a non-cannon character, it would be quite interesting to see a second THOH featuring Hugo (and his pigeon-rat hybrid pet).



4)Funzo: This toy-killing toy, first appearing in “Grift of the magi”, has made a few cameo appearances in the background of a few episodes, and while I can’t really see a character who was killed on the tire fire in a cannon episode returning, this Furby-wannabee deserves a version 2.0.



3)Fat Tony (The original one): Fun fact: Fat Tony died of a heart attack back in season 22. Ever since then, his cousin “Fit Tony” took over the Springfield mafia, started stress eating, became fat, and ending up looking exactly like his predecessor. R.I.P Tony D’amico.

Fat tony


2)Maud Flanders: Ah, Ned Flanders, so unlucky in love. Both of his known wives have gone to meet their maker. Ever since a terrible accident involving a T-shirt cannon and a foot-long hot dog, Ned has grieved the loss of his wife. That is, until he met…

Maud Flanders


1)Edna Krabapple-Flanders: Bart’s sarcastic, smoking “Haw”ing teacher Mrs. Krabapple briefly married Ned, until, sadly, her voice actor passed away. Although we never saw Edna’s death, in the 2014 episode “The Man Who Grew Too Much” Ned is shown wearing a black armband and reminiscing about a tango lesson together.

Mrs. K