Artemis Fowl Cast

Since the Artemis Fowl film was confirmed, fans have been speculating about the cast. Below, I’ve listed the actors who I’d like to appear, and the characters I’d like them to play.

Artemis Fowl: David Mazouz. The “Gotham” actor, who played Bruce Wayne in the show, is the perfect age and looks the part. The two characters are very similar and I think Mazouz would be perfect for the part.

Holly Short: Emma Watson, who has already worked with Disney on the new Beauty and the Beast. She also famously appeared in Harry Potter, so she has experience with magical CGI.

Butler: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Yet again, he has experiences with Disney (he voiced Moai in Moana) and looks the part. He wouldn’t even need a double for some of the fight scenes!

Julius Root: Harrison Ford: Since he’s recovered from his plane FAIL, I think Ford would be a great “Beet”Root, He’s already worked with Disney and, if they made a sequel, they’d get to kill a Harrison Ford character AGAIN.

Opal Koboi: Melissa Rauch: Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch would be brilliant for the part of the sociopathic pixie Koboi.

Briar Cudgeon: David Tennant: The ex-doctor and dark wizard (Is it really so evil to murder the main character of twilight?) would be perfect to play Koboi’s right-hand Elf. He can play both the power-hungry LEP officer and the evil, deformed traitor he became.

Nuff’ said.