Book Review: Girl Online

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (known as Zoella on YouTube) is a beauty and entertainment vlogger (video blogger), and entertains millions of fans every day. She is so successful that she’s had two books published, and has her own make-up brand which she released earlier this year.

Her books are amazing. The series is about a girl called Penny, who is exceptionally clumsy. In the first book, called Girl Online, Penny’s parents whisk her away to New York where she meets ‘Mr. Perfect’. However, Mr Perfect is keeping a mega secret from her, and when she finds out, she isn’t impressed that he lied to her. She keeps a blog with an unknown identity, called ‘Girl Online’, but when people discover who she is, will everyone still love her, or just forget her?

Penny is a very clumsy girl, and she gets embarrassed very easily. She is quite gullible, and this often leads her into trouble. Penny is into photography and takes her camera everywhere. She’s a casual sort of girl and has auburn, curly hair.

The recommended audience would be young girls from age nine and up. The book contains no strong language or anything else bad. It has its funny moments, and some romantic and sad.

Zoe’s YouTube account would be recommended for a similar audience. She doesn’t swear on her main channel, but when she collaborates with other YouTubers, she sometimes can. She does shopping videos, make-up videos, and other miscellaneous projects. She releases daily content, and has a large fan base of people who enjoy her videos.

You can view her channel here.

By Abigail C ( A student at Thorp Academy, Gateshead)