Breaking Records

On Monday 22nd February, years 7 and 8 from Thorp Academy helped librarian Beth Khalil to break a Guinness World Record for the most book quizzes done at the same time.

All of the top readers gathered in the Library during last lesson and sat down in their book-character-named teams, e.g. Team Hobbit, Team Fungus, Team Snape, etc. All of the refreshments provided were all gone by the first round!

There were different types of questions depending on the theme of the round. These could have been from ‘School Life’ to ‘What do these have in common?’ Everyone seemed to enjoy them all. A good thing was that the teams were mixed up, with years 7 and 8, girls and boys, so the mixed knowledge of different books helped the teams answer the questions.

The fact that they definitely attempted the record needed to be clarified 100%. They needed witnesses, official Guiness World Record staff, and sixth formers with cameras taking shots from all angles. As well as that, the whole taking of the quiz was recorded. Various people helped out including Melanie Cornish and about half of the sixth formers.

At least the whole thing was proved real and due to all of the staff/steward/witness’s hard work and student participation, Thorp Academy is a step away from breaking a world record!


Charlotte A (Thorp Academy)


Editors Note: Since this story was written, it has been verified that the World Record was broken by all the schools competing on Monday 22nd of February – well done to all.