Book Review: Wolf Brother

22nd August 2019

Wolf Brother is the best book in the series of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. After the Ice Age, more than 5,000 years ago, a young boy named Torak understood the natural world he lived in. Prey that was hunted would not be wasted – not one ounce. Deer not only gave them food, but […]

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The Best Banned Books

5th October 2017

You know, the thought of books being banned due to their content, for the creative vision of an author to be banned in certain countries, must be a hard pill to swallow. If you’re in school you may have seen displays showing the books that certain people may not want you reading. But these aren’t […]

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Artemis Fowl

28th February 2017

I recently finished the first AMAZING book in the Artemis Fowl series. I was spellbound from start to finish by the 12-year-old genius and his diabolical plan to separate an entire fairy police force from a large chunk of their gold. The plot is fast-paced and punchy, with a dry sense of humour and great […]

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National Geographic Kids

15th February 2017

This is a magazine about wildlife and the world. Some of the children’s favorite pages are: Inside Scoop, Weird World and the posters. It also comes with a piece of paper that gives you a little bit of info before you actually read it. It also comes with some animal cards that give you true […]

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First Class Murder

9th February 2017

This book is about murder and is not suitable for people who are scared of murder. It is about a rich lady who is stabbed with a paper knife by her own husband, because she has left a lot of money in her will and he wants that money. Someone else helps him and made […]

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Book Review: Girl Online

10th March 2016

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (known as Zoella on YouTube) is a beauty and entertainment vlogger (video blogger), and entertains millions of fans every day. She is so successful that she’s had two books published, and has her own make-up brand which she released earlier this year. Her books are amazing. The series is about a girl […]

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