First Class Murder

This book is about murder and is not suitable for people who are scared of murder. It is about a rich lady who is stabbed with a paper knife by her own husband, because she has left a lot of money in her will and he wants that money. Someone else helps him and made the people on the Orient Express think that it is someone else.

There is also a spy on the train as well and he is giving secrets to an enemy country. But two girls called Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong solve the mystery.

This is the third book in the series. The other books are called ‘Murder Most Unladylike’, ‘Arsenic for Tea’ and a fourth book called ‘Jolly Foul Play’. Murder Most Unladylike is about the murder of Miss Bell, the science teacher, who gets pushed off the gym balcony, by the headmistress.

Arsenic for Tea is poisonous because someone drinks Arsenic and dies from it. In Jolly Foul Play the head girl is killed with a hockey stick. A garden rake is put in place of the hockey stick so people think it is an accident but Daisy and Hazel save the day. They are all really good books.

By Emma C (NHSG)