In Defence of KH 3D

Kingdom hearts’s 2012 installation was greeted with mixed reviews when it was released, with some saying it was a huge disappointment and some saying it was the best installation to date. I feel as if the people who criticised the game played for five minutes and then made their conclusion almost instantly. As behind the ‘I don’t care if you don’t understand, deal with it!’ start there is surprisingly deep gameplay and a great story, even if it’s a little poorly told at times. Upgrading the characters and their spirits feels purposeful and satisfying at the same time, and the roughly 10 hour campaign is extended by the numerous side quests and mini-games that cleverly reward you in the main story. The worlds feel representative of the Disney worlds even if they are occasionally repetitive, but somehow never lose interest. Mini boss battles keep you on your toes, and trying out a new spirit or magic attack that you crafted yourself or unlocked during the addictive mini-game flick rush is great fun.

Let’s talk about flowmotion. This was a highly criticised new feature that allowed Sora and Riku to utilise their surroundings and zip between locations. Whilst fun and useful, its battle uses were easy to abuse and for the most part felt overly powerful. The dropping system, which also received criticism, is a way to transfer between Sora and Riku in story mode. I honestly found it enjoyable for the most part unless the Drop Gauge ran out during a boss battle, which was annoying but never ruined gameplay. The keyblades were some of the best in the series in my opinion, with my favourite being the Ferris gear (from prankster’s paradise.)

Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance is a great game and easily the best RPG on the 3ds. A game truly for the fans.


+Some of the best worlds we’ve ever visited in the franchise

+New and fresh ideas

+ Solid gameplay

– A poorly told story