Jerome Returns!

Gotham makes its US return this month on the Fox network, following a short break over the Christmas holidays. And making his long-awaited return to life is the so-called Proto-Joker, the complete maniac known as Jerome Valeska.

His return has been hinted since his death early on in season two, where he was stabbed onstage by his hero, Theo Galavan. Some of the hints found include a large smile written in graffiti and a maniacal laugh at the end of the season two finale.


A huge Jerome Easter egg distracts our attention from Mr Freeze.

In December a trailer was posted on YouTube, officially confirming Jerome coming back. Before that, however, Cameron Monaghan, the actor of the maniac, posted images of his face (with disturbing make-up) on social media. This image, however, depicts a new style for Jerome. Indian Hill, a division of Wayne Enterprises, has beenĀ bringing back deceased characters such as Penguin’s nemesis Fish Mooney, with changes to them. It appears that the new Jerome has had his face removed and stitched back on (probably as a reference to the 2012 Batman comic, “Death of the Family”) and we wonder why he was disfigured like that. He still looks cool, but…

Every fan of Gotham will either love or hate the character of Jerome, but since he’s returning, we’re excited for him…Jerome Valeska 2