There was no fanfare when Kingdom Hearts Unchained Cross arrived on the app store. In fact, it was only met with a polite clap and maybe a muffled cough or so from its dedicated fanbase. Most people where actually worried by this new Kingdom Hearts game. What was it doing at the bottom of the app store – and why wasn’t Square giving all its attention to Kingdom hearts III? The community was divided over this new game. And that put a lot of pressure on Square Enix to reunite their fanbase.

The app had, it is fair to say, painful beginnings. Once it had arrived on Google Play in the west, people quickly discovered a bug that disabled it from being downloaded on certain devices.


Square Enix responded to this as quickly as possible, and fans were delighted to find that the issue had been fixed. And, although the game had a fair few haters on a multitude of medias, it was actually a very good app, if you did not expect the usual KH adventure. It had various modes, including online multiplayer (after it was upgraded to KH Union Cross) which were all played by using the slightly controversial but in-depth medal system; you felt like you had to have ’em all!


But the one problem was, the only way to get the very best medals was to spend A LOT of money and time hunting out that HD Namine or Illustrated Sora. And for casual players, the in-app microtransactions came at a ridiculous price. Sure, the came gave you jewels for free every so often, but the ten medal pack came with a hefty price tag of three thousand jewels. And thus, this spawned a new generation of haters on game forums.

But, despite these flaws, this game is really good. I might even go for the in-app purchases…

Enjoy this game, just don’t fall into the money spending deathtrap set by Square.