Kirby Planet Robobot Has Landed!

Nintendo’s little pink gumball is back for a new adventure. He seems to have moved to a new planet (Planet Popstar) at the worst possible time: The evil Haltmann works Inc. is ┬ástealing it’s resources so Kirby returns the favour, steals the prototype robobot armour, and sets of to beat the stuffing out of the army of enemies on the way (or has the stuffing beaten out of him, depending on the player).

The new gimmick for this game is the high-tech robobot armour, which has 13 different modes (plus one final secret mode), meaning not all of Kirby’s 27 copy abilities are represented in cybernetic form. It’s immensely powerful and has screwdriver and wrench attachments (like a Swiss army knife with flamethrowers and chainsaws).

The gameplay itself is classic Ninty: always challenging, but never so hard you want to give up and perfectly polished. However, the two mini games are a bit less amazing. Kirby Team Clash, where up to four players team up to defeat bosses is OK but when you defeat all 6, there’s no replay value. Kirby 3D Rumble would make a great full game, with a bit of work. The principle is fine but there are no copy abilities and only 3 levels, the bosses are all the same and the terrain is good for a battle arena, not a platformer. If we’re lucky, Nintendo will rework them into solo games, as with Kirby fighters deluxe and Dedede’s drum dash deluxe.

Altogether, the game is great, although the mini-games are a bit of a nightmare in dreamland (Kirby pun intended). And I’d definitely recommend it.