LEGO Minifigures Series 17

Well, well, well. A big part of LEGO’s fame comes from its collectable Minifigures. We’ve had sixteen previous series, plus six special series, and now it’s time for series 17. As with other series, this one is full of excellent characters (and one or two not-so-good ones too!). At a higher price of £3, this is the most expensive non-licensed series yet. Without further ado, let’s jump right into this review with a picture of the gang!

Series 17

Surfer – I myself already own the surfer from series 2, and this one (while wearing more) is not that much of a big deal. While this is the cheapest way to get Luke Skywalker’s signature hair, it’s a pretty unoriginal character. The surfboard, however, with the shark pattern, is quite good.

Circus Strong Man – Another re-jig of a series 2 character (the weight lifter), this is definitely an improvement. The macho appearance is aided by an overly large moustache and scowling face. His leopard-skin uniform adds to his circus style. And I love the weight that he holds!

Pastry Chef – Believe it or not, there hasn’t been a collectible cook minifigure before, and this one is a good way to start. She has a different design to that of the tiresome red ribbon-wearing City chef. Her buttoned uniform has printed cuffs on the arms and continues onto the hips, and her hair/hat combination is a new piece. All in all, it’s a great minifigure.

Corn Cob Guy – The third minifigure dressed as a food item, the corn cob guy is a very friendly-looking character. His unique mould is unlikely to be seen again and gives him the look of a mascot for Kentucky, completed by the over-friendly smile beneath his massive moustache.

Veterinarian – The veterinarian is a great minifigure, as I enjoy the ones related to city jobs. She has a new hairpiece which reminds me of Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green in the 90’s sitcom Friends. Her uniform could almost pass as a nurse if it weren’t for the paw print, and the rabbit accessory is great!

Carhop – This diner waiter is a very detailed minifigure, and has plenty of accessories. His red and white uniform is complete with a bow tie and smiley face sticker and his chef hat has good unique printing. There is also a dark red hot dog for the first time.

Butterfly Girl – This child has many exclusive features, such as the blonde Wildstyle hair, the printed pink trainers, and of curse the new detailed wing costume. I don’t believe that this piece will appear on many future minifigures.

Roman Gladiator – Warriors from previous series have another competitor. Armed with a trident, this minifigure includes the hairpiece first seen on Winston Zeddemore in 2016, but in a different colour. His best feature is the gold shoulder pad with the printed lion. The other arm, on the other hand, has one solid colour.

Connoisseur – Named the connoisseur, this is really just a stereotypical French guy. His striped shirt has printing that continues on the back, and also the arms. His beret is a flat cap piece on its side, and it is not the first time this technique has been used. He has a very critical look on his face, and carries an exclusively-coloured baguette. His bulldog is also a new piece.

Battle Dwarf – This short character is fierce no matter which way he is viewed. His belt has a rather ornate gold buckle and he has a tattoo on his arm. He also wears a Spaghetti Western type moustache. I love the warthog print on the hammer.

Retro Spaceman – Jumping right out of one of those goofy black and white movies, this intergalactic hero is quite the minifigure. He has lots of rich printing on his sand green jumpsuit, and both his helmet and gun are new moulds.

Yuppie – This middle-class eighties dude is great and wears a gaudy white suit with a bright pink polo shirt. His head is printed with shades that apparently reflect the sunset, and his hair was also seen on the 2016 DCEU Superman minifigure. He comes complete with a large, over-the-top mobile phone.

Rocket Kid – This boy has a great Halloween costume of a child’s illustration of a space rocket, which is well-moulded. Underneath, he wears the first ever light grey Classic Space torso! He also carries a hand-drawn astronaut flag.

Aerobic Fitness Lady – This is probably my least favourite minifigure from the series, as she has had many similar incarnations in the past. Her hair, however, allows for customisation possibilities, and her water bottle is pretty good. All in all, I don’t really care about this one.

Elven Princess – This girl adds to the fantasy theme and can easily slide into Lord of the Rings. Her Minifigure features a blue dress and strawberry blond hair with pointed elf ears. She carries a sword and shield to help in battle.

Highwayman – This was LEGO’s ‘mystery’ Minifigure, but the secret didn’t last very long, due to the wonders of the Internet. He has a standard tricorn and a mask similar to the one used in Ninjago (The one with the hair). His face is adorned with thick British sideburns and his cloak is of a new design. The torso and leg prints have the right amount of detail, with buttons on the arms and hips. He also carries two flintlock pistols.

In conclusion, I think this is a great series. Just as good as the others and with a fair mix of different professions. I love this series and hope to see more like this.