Movie Review: Spectre

Bond is saving the world… again.

The newest villain’s name is Spectre. 007 is back working for MI6 and is in charge of finding out about what Spectre is planning. He travels the world initially to find out any information he can on Spectre – who or what they are. In the process, he drives, flies and runs through a series of exciting stunts. Bond finally discovers that Spectre wants to control the internet illegally. There is a twist. Spectre’s head knows Bond from his past…

My favourite character was Q, the geeky funny assistant who’s in charge of MI6’s gadgets and tech. He isn’t exactly a main character, but provides character to the scene by being in the background occasionally speaking.

My favourite part of the movie was when the glamorous Bond girl is kidnapped by the main villain, and Bond is caught in a win-lose situation, forcing him to rescue the girl, and catch the bad guys at once.

I would rate Bond’s newest bash a 2 out of 5, and probably wouldn’t recommend it, as there was too much action and not enough information. The film dragged on quite a bit, in what was probably little under three hours.

In conclusion, it wasn’t as impressive as some of the other movies in the Bond series.

Elizabeth D (A student at Thorp Academy)