Mr Men Makeover

The famous character from the BBC show Doctor Who is being reimagined as Mr Men character.  The first four drawings that have been released are based on the various Doctors, played by William Hartnell, Tom Baker, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

All twelve of the Doctors will be created in the style of Roger Hargreaves, who created the first Mr Men books. Adam Hargreaves, his son, has written and illustrated then new series of books. The first four books will be released in 2017, and will feature adventures of Dr First, Fourth, Eleventh and Twelfth.



The idea was prompted after a number of fans online did their own drawings of the Doctor in the style of Mr Men.

Doctor Who will be returning for a Christmas special this year, entitled The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Whoever that is.

The Mr Men books have sold world wide more than 120 million copies, and have been translated into 15 different languages too, since they were created in the 70’s!

Adam Hargreaves took over the series after his father passed away in 1988.