Not So Horrifying

To celebrate another year of spookiness, we’re looking at a classic and picking apart until it can’t stand up.

In 1996, the world was reunited with the slasher subgenre with the Neve Campbell movie Scream. It followed the story of Sidney Prescott as she survived the murder spree of two killers who turned out to be her best friends. While it was originally meant to be a parody of slasher movies, it soon became a prime example. Or did it? In the spirit of Halloween, join me as I talk about the issues with Scream.

Two Killers

While having two people doing the slicing and dicing is quite an idea, it still poses its own issues. Having Stu as the other murderer just makes us think that Billy is the killer, then he isn’t, then for a short while he is again, then he isn’t, then it is finally revealed that he is. Wow. Stu is only needed so that there is motive for Drew Barrymore’s death, and to stab Billy when he was practically screaming, “Yo, I’m the murderer, LOL!”

The Rules

One great scene in the movie is where Randy Meeks, played by comedian Jamie Kennedy, explains the rules of horror movie survival. And, the only reason he survived was that he abided by those rules. However, Billy gets Sidney to break a rule, meaning that she will not have what it takes to survive. But… then she doesn’t die. And in the sequel she doesn’t die. And in the trilogy she doesn’t die. And by the fourth one we are asking for her death but… she doesn’t die.

Gale Weathers won’t take the hint

A key character in the movie is news reporter Gale Weathers (played by Courtney Cox, or Friends’s Monica Geller), who says some very hurtful smack about Sidney’s mother’s murder. She pushes it so far that she earns ‘Sidney Prescott’s Patented Smack-in-the-Face’. Looking for a scoop, she helps to catch the killers later on. But she’d get a much larger scoop if she leaves the murderers free to kill more people. Then, in Scream 2, she earns another helping of ‘Sidney Prescott’s Patented Smack-in-the-Face’. She just needs to LET SIDNEY DIE! She deserves it after all of this!

And there we have it. I took an example of fine cinema and turned it on its head. I’ll see you at Christmas to unpick Elf or something like that.