Overwatch Lucio Advanced Guide

Lucio is not your typical first-person-shooter character. How often do you come across a beat boxing Brazilian DJ in possession of a blaster powerful enough to shred the enemy team? One thing is for certain; he is easy to pick up, but hard to master. So how do you learn to play him like a pro?

For console players, I recommend switching his jump to LT, his secondary fire to LB, and his cross-fade to A. This is beneficial for numerous reasons, which I will explain later. Also, I would recommend turning on ‘allow backwards wall ride’ as this will allow you to perform more difficult manoeuvres with his wall riding abilities.

So, why switch his jump to LT? Well, if you previously had jump on A (or the PS4 equivalent) you may have found it difficult to ride walls for sustained lengths of time, due to you not being able to use the right stick. Switching to LT completely solves this problem, and you should feel an instant difference. So what are the benefits? Wall riding is a useful skill to climb walls and pillars, on all maps, especially maps like Ilios ruins and Route 66. It can also be used to confuse enemies; watch McCree’s melt as you taunt them with your skills! Use wall riding in creative ways to escape all sorts of difficult situations, and to ascend up walls.

Cross-Fading, his ability to switch between healing and speed boosting beats, is probably the most powerful tool at his disposal, and also a useful way of moving the battle along. Although other people may tell you to remain on healing aura all the time, his speed buff is actually as useful; it can be used to the rhythm of his jumps to evade enemies. Amp It Up can be used to speed from one side of the map to the other when combined with his speed buff and wall riding, a useful evasion tactic. Switching cross-fade to A allows you to switch between healing and speed quickly, which is unbelievably useful. As you rack up hours as Lucio, you will find that Cross-Fading comes naturally to the rhythm of your jumps.

Remember, Lucio is not a front line hero, but the best Lucio players in the world succeed by thinking outside the box. Don’t be headstrong, but if you think you can take out anyone, you probably can!

Play Lucio to his strengths, avoid his weaknesses and be confident in your abilities to become a great player. You will lose matches, but it is unrealistic to imagine yourself at pro level immediately. Keep playing, find what’s comfortable for you, and you’ll be on the road to success!