On December 1st, Lego released its newest set, 21304 Doctor Who! The set is depicted under the ‘Lego Ideas’ programme, where real Lego fanatics can enter their ideas for new sets and models. If 10,000 people vote for the idea, Lego could select it to be their newest set.

The model, priced at £49.99 on Lego.com/shop, features the TARDIS control room as of the 13th Doctor, with disconnecting TARDIS police box, and four minifigures, plus two buildable figures. The minifigures included are the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi), the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), a Weeping Angel figure, and two of the Time Lord’s most infamous foes, the Daleks. The 12th Doctor minifigure included wears a different suit to his Lego Dimensions character, and is in fact based on the 2013 Christmas special episode Time of the Doctor.

The Daleks also have a different, more streamlined design, and don’t look as small.

But what about the set itself?

Well, some believe that it’s a little expensive for what is included, while others would happily fork out £50 for the set. It would add very nicely to a collection next to some of the other Lego Ideas like Back to the Future 21103 or Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108.

Personally, I think Lego have managed to show how good a company they are, by taking multiple dreaming fans ideas, and released it into the wild. It’s on my Christmas list (however fruitless it may be) and I would definitely buy this amazing set. After all…they may not make another.


Lucas K (A student at Thorp Academy)