Snow, Snow, Snow

Snow scene

So what it is about snow that makes us all lose our minds?

Perhaps it’s the snowball fights that seem all to rare or the chance of a snow day but whatever it is is we all seem to love the stuff.

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As fun as it can be to launch snowballs across the street or fly down hills on sledges the reality is that snow can be an icy-hearted monster. While Britain awaits heavy rain and possible snow later this week, the residents of Chicago and Michigan have faced a much harsher side of the cold weather.

Buried under sheets of white and held captive in their own homes the impact of the ice has been profound on many Americans. For many even breathing has been dangerous. The advice given to those stuck within the polar vortex has been to stay inside their homes and if they must go outside avoid taking deep breaths because the extreme cold could damage their lungs!

So, while we can enjoy what little snow we have spare a thought for those who have been trapped in freezing houses waiting for the storm to end.

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