Splatoon was a spectacular third-person shooter released for the Wii U in 2015, and its long awaited follow up is coming to the Nintendo Switch: Splatoon 2. But just from watching the trailers and gameplay from the global test fire, I wonder if the series can ‘stay fresh’.


Well, after quite some researching, I think that Nintendo has vastly improved  upon the original. I love the cool new haircuts and the new weapons, subs and specials are crazy, inventive and awesome. Just from watching the trailer, I have seen a pink haired inkling utterly destroy the opposition with back mounted ink missiles, a green squid unleashing ricocheting seekers of death upon a narrow corridor, and a mysteriously familiar figure in such a dramatic pose it makes little shivers of pure joy run down my spine.

This is not Splatoon. This is a game that will expose your childish obsession with making a mess, a game that will make your little brother cry when you beat him at Dojo mode, a game that will turn you into a ruthless strategist barking orders down the (new) voice chat. It’s Turf War like you’ve never seen it before. And it’s flippin’ amazing.