Super Mario Bros. Cheats!

Super Mario Bros is a game from 1985 released for the NES, SNES and Gameboy Advance, as well as on Virtual Console for Wii, Wii U and 3DS. You can also download a 64-in-1 NES emulator from Google Play which includes the game. While those who own the game will probably play through it normally, there are bits, bobs, thingamajigs and shortcuts to help you beat the game.

Warp zone in W1-2 – At the end of the level, there are some moving platforms that take you upwards. Wail until you reach the top, then hop onto the bricks above the pipe. Run along them, then drop down into the warp zone. Enter a pipe to travel to that world.


You can also do the same in world 4-2.

Warp Zone (SECRET) in W4-2 – After you reach the first platforms, you’ll find three brick blocks. Jump underneath the second and third blocks, and the space to the left of the first one. DO NOT JUMP UNDER THE FIRST BLOCK (Shown as the exclamation mark)! Then, climb up the staircase you have built, run over the bricks and down onto the next block. Now comes the hard part. Carefully, jump and hit the first brick. You’ll release a beanstalk. Climb it and you’re outside. Collect the coins if you wish, then you’ll reach the warp zone. Choose world 6, 7 or 8.

The ‘Game Over’ tactic – isn’t it annoying when you’ve made it to the final castle and find yourself overpowered by Bowser on your last life? Worry not! Instead of having to restart the game from SUPER easy W1-1, you can continue from the world in which you blundered. Warning: this only sometimes works. Simply hold A on the game over screen. Keep a tight hold on it from start to finish, don’t let go. On the 1p/2p screen, keep holding A and press start. If you’re lucky, you should start further on than usual.


Coin rooms – Some fun little bonuses to help rack up your lives are coin rooms. These are placed in random levels, one of which is the very first one. You’ll find a series of pipes, spaced a few blocks apart. Go down the last one. There are 19 coins to go towards an extra life, and it warps you to much later on in the level (if you don’t go down the pipe then there’s a 1up mushroom just next to it. Just jump above the large bush.)!

Minus World – WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU HAVE ANY HOPES OR DREAMS OF COMPLETING THE GAME ON THIS ATTEMPT!!! Minus world is a glitch level, regarded as arguably the most famous glitch in video game history. At the end of world 1-2, stand on the rim of the pipe that takes you to the flagpole. Duck whilst facing left. Now, while ducking, jump towards the pipe. If you land in the right spot, you will travel through the pipe and enter the warp zone. Go down the first pipe. Welcome to world -1! (You are guaranteed to get a “Game Over” in this level, as the pipe at the end will take you to the start of the level, so you will run out of time.


And so, this brings us to the end of this guide. I hope these tricks will help you beat Super Mario Bros quicker (except for trick 5)!