So, let’s talk about Mario. As he’s arguably about to get much worse with Super Mario Odyssey, I’ve decided to talk about a recent good game starring the plumber who’s done all but actual plumbing, and that’s the Nintendo 3DS equivalent of Super Mario Maker.


Unfamiliar with the game? As the name suggests, you have the freedom to build the Mario course of your dreams – well, using the resources given. You can play with graphics from three of Mario’s best games (1985’s Super Mario Bros, 1988’s Super Mario Bros 3 and 1990’s Super Mario World), plus one of the desperate money-makers of today (New Super Mario Bros U from 2012). But, the 3DS version has definitive differences from its Wii U counterpart.















One of these differences is the fact that it’s harder. In Wii U, you start with a limited selection of items, and your collection grows over time. But on 3DS, you must clear the Super Mario Challenge, with each world cleared unlocking more tools for you to play around with. To get one of the antagonists Bowser Junior you need to clear a secret world! Another issue is the one that got all of the fans stirred up – there is no internet compatibility. So, the ability to globally share your created courses, that was a huge part of the original, has gone from the 3DS version. Amiibo use has also been lost. No more Mystery Mushrooms and costume changes!


Nope… none of these for the 3DS edition… but the Weird Mushroom is now common.
















However, the basic concept of the game remains the same, and the course creation lessons from Yamamura, the annoying and greedy pigeon, explain some of the features really well. Plus, the Nintendo 3DS console is considerably cheaper than the Wii U, so it’s easier to get the game, which is also about £10 cheaper. The game itself is excellent, so I’d still recommend it to any fans of Mario ‘Jumpman’ Mario. As good as the Wii U edition? Maybe not. But a great game anyhow.