Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon, a remake of the (frankly pants) Disney film from 1977, has been released recently. This new version is a vast improvement on the original film, portraying Pete as a young Tarzan, lost in the woods after a car crash. However, he soon befriends a gargantuan, emerald dragon named Elliot.

Years later, a forest ranger and a group of loggers find the 12 year old boy in the woods. Grace, the ranger, takes him in. At this point, the story escalates to a more high-octane adventure, involving two kids stealing a dragon on a truck, a burning bridge and an aerial display by half a dozen dragons.

The story itself is an extremely touching tale about friendship, family and love. The special effects are top-notch and the characters have real depth. Pete’s world is so realistic-seeming, it feels like you could step through the screen and into the ewok-esque tree-house (which is a lot more plausible than in Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson) that they call home.

This film is far better than its 70’s namesake and the animators deserve real credit for animating 15M green dragon hairs perfectly.