Book Review: Wolf Brother


Wolf Brother is the best book in the series of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

After the Ice Age, more than 5,000 years ago, a young boy named Torak understood the natural world he lived in. Prey that was hunted would not be wasted – not one ounce. Deer not only gave them food, but provided them with clothes, shoes, roped and more necessary items.

Early in the story, a bear-like figure slays Torak’s father, but before they see it, it disappears. The whole forest was destroyed, pines scattered all over the ground and fallen trees surrounding them. All they could hear was the sound of birds screeching. Before Torak’s father dies, Torak was told to save the woods from the bear. From that moment on, his quest began. However, he needs an animal guide to help him along the way.


At this point, the author, Michelle Paver, thinks about the setting and which animals live in a forest. This is where ‘Wolf’ comes into Wolf Brother. Later in the journey, Torak comes across a clan and finds a friend to come along on his quest.

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The characters in Wolf Brother created by Paver are unforgettable because they work well as a team and their bond is almost unbreakable. The research put into the outstanding plot is phenomenal and could not be better. In the novel, Paver described how people lived more than 5,000 years ago so well and makes whoever is reading Wolf Brother feel sucked into that world of thrilling adventure.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, just read this amazing book. This series triumphs above all others.

By Matilda B, a pupil at Emmaville Primary School

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Netflix has released a documentary named ‘The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann’. The documentary got a lot of attention, due to the fact this is one of the most worldwide known cases: the disappearance of a 3-year-old Scottish girl on the 3rd of May 2007 (which happens to be my first birthday and why I am interested in this topic): however, there has been a lot of hate for the series, since it discusses ‘unimportant’ topics: facts about Praia de Luz (the hotel the McCann’s stayed in when she was abducted) that nobody cares about and more. Why would the viewers want to know about the hotel’s past, when they’re only interested in where Madeleine might be?

The first episode discusses what Kate and Gerry McCann – her parents – have seen and heard. It seemed interesting until they record people barely involved in the mystery. It shows how far Madeleine and her siblings were from the McCann parents. This makes me confused. Madeleine was only 3 years old, almost 4, so why weren’t Amelie and Sean – her brother and sister – taken too?  Why Madeleine? It will be 12 years on my birthday since the little girl was kidnapped, so why are people still discussing her disappearance? What makes this case so special? It has been over a decade and even if Kate McCann said she’ll look forever we have to be realistic. As of March 2018, it has been said over £11.6 million have been invested in this case and it makes me wonder why we don’t do this for any other missing children or adults even, why did Netflix have to  release a whole season about her? Why is she more important than the others? We might never know.

What Decade has the best music

Arianna Grande

This article is going to show you some of the best music to come out over the years since the sixties. After that, you can make your choice as to which your favourite might be.

The Sixties

The sixties was a brilliant music decade. Songs such as ‘I heard it through the Grapevine’ by Marvin Gaye and ‘My Girl’ by the Temptations (also featured in the movie ‘My Girl’ in 1991) and ‘Be My Baby’ by The Ronettes were all released this year. While one of the most popular bands of the sixties was the  Liverpudlian band The Beatles.

The Seventies

The seventies are a personal favourite decade of music here at BeepJunior, introducing ABBA with ‘Dancing Queen’, Queen with various hits including ‘Somebody to Love’, Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’, Led Zeppelin with ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and of course Roberta Flack with ‘Killing Me Softly’.

The Eighties

Michael Jackson had tons of hits in the 1980s, such as ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat it!’. Another artist of the eighties, was Prince. He was very popular and had songs such as ‘When Doves Cry’ or my mum’s favourite ‘Purple Rain’. Other artists of the 1980s include Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, A-Ha, Guns N’ Roses, U2, Whitney Houston and the list goes on. But it was obvious that rock was very popular during the 1980s.

The Nineties

The most classic songs of the nineties include ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC, ‘Wannabe’ by Spice Girls, ‘Don’t Speak’ by No Doubt, ‘…Baby one more time’ by Britney Spears, ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis, ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer and ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child.  R&B was very popular during the 1990s and this is when Rap was becoming more recognised, with artists like Tupac and Snoop Dogg on the radio.

The Noughties

This decade is easier to write for me, since I was actually alive in the 2000’s, even though I was very young. This is where Pop and Rap were.  For example, at this time, rappers including Eminem or Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Nelly, 50 Cent were creating music that would still be popular a decade later. Some Pop artists that emerged in the 2000’s would be Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, while bands that were popular in the 2000’s were The Black Eyed Peas, The Killers,  Maroon 5 and The Pussycat Dolls and Panic! At the Disco.

The 2010’s

Now, we’re in the 2010’s. But hanging on the edge because it is 2019 and the last year of this decade. Rap is still very popular including Rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Post Malone, Stormzy to name but a few dominating the charts. Stars of the Pop music world consist of Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, BTS and Psy (with his one hit wonder ‘Gangnam Style). Katy Perry is still popular and we have other female pop artists such as, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello and Arianna Grande, who has been very successful with all her latest songs being number one hits, all proving likeable and attracting serious fan bases.

The Face of Gaming?


Who do you think of when you think of the face of gaming? Is it Mario (Nintendo), Sonic (Sega) or Link(Nintendo)?

Why do you find them so iconic and what makes them stick in your mind? So let’s talk about that.

When game designers make a character they want something simple and recognisable at a glance. Take Mario, Link and Sonic for three easy examples. Do you know why they are easy? Because there are countless successful games from them and their design is noticeable and basic.

Talking of Mario – his hat is a major feature of his design and it is featured in his newest game Mario Odyssey. If Odyssey didn’t give it away he travels across his world to save the princess again…….When he does this he uses his hat and you see it in promotional material for the game, as well as in the gameplay, so you’re seeing it everywhere. When you see it over and over again it becomes so recognisable and you think- that’s Mario. Another thing that is recognisable about Mario is his small stature and plump physique because no matter if it is 2D or 3D, the design will always shine through the crowd.

Now I hope now you understand how Nintendo is cramming their characters into your head so it encourages you to spend your money on games (and merchandise that costs way too much for just plastic!)

Sport Without Seeing

Disability sport has been a huge part of my life, ever since March of 2012 when I somewhat unexpectedly joined the Newcastle United Football Club for visually impaired kids and more recently, starting training for Athletics in February 2017. In this article, I want to explain why clubs like this are unbelievably valuable to the disabled community. So, let’s just get started.

Firstly, a bit of background. You have to remember when talking about disability sport that the kids who participate in these clubs can’t just go out and play on the street with their “Friends.” Especially if they go to a mainstream school like me, most of their friends will be sighted anyway, so blind football is out of the question. And it’s not like they can stay in and play on their Xbox or PlayStation either because most of them can’t see what they’re doing.

Blind sport isn't just limited to football, there's running, cricket, archery, swimming, the list goes on.

Blind sport isn’t just limited to football, there’s running, cricket, archery, swimming, the list goes on.

Of course, this varies from child to child, but what I’m trying to get at is that life for a blind child is nowhere near what life is like for a sighted child. And that’s exactly why any sports clubs for these people are absolutely amazing because it gets them out there. I, for one, now had something to do in the week, something to look forward to every Wednesday. Beyond this, however, a community is formed. I hadn’t met very many blind people at all before I started football, but when I did, I finally had somebody who understood me more than anybody else, who went through the same ordeals, the same life process as me. Can you imagine how vital that was?

And even the parents have a friendship circle now, which not only means I get to see some of my friends outside of football but they do need those friendships as well.


Image from the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Something I’ve not talked about yet, and yet something that’s most obvious is the fun factor I get from Wednesday’s sessions. I absolutely love them and have really started to understand and love football, compared to when I started and didn’t even know what the rules of football were.

And that’s the jist of it. I really hope that people take these things into account and create more clubs like Newcastle did, but until next time, thanks for reading.

Written by Michael Buchan

Windows 10 Phone Is No More

Whoo Hoo!

After a good twenty years, Windows 10 Mobile, formally known as Windows Phone, is dead.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh, I mean, windows phone did have some quite cool features, like continuum, where you can connect your phone to your monitor and/or keyboard and mouse and get a somewhat usable windows desktop experience, but really, Microsoft just couldn’t get the developer backing and thus no users really joined the platform, except those looking for a low-end phone that ran well.

Bill Gates himself no longer even uses a windows phone – he said recently that he had switched to an Android phone (with Microsoft apps), but was this the right decision?

maxresdefault (3)

Well, it’s always been known that Windows phone never gained all that much market share over its entire life, having experienced the most popularity really back in the late 90s, early 2000s, when it was competing against Palm’s Web OS on “Portable digital assistants,” and the extremely young market of smartphones.

However, since the market changing iPhone was released 10 years ago and with Android hot on its heels, the decline of the Windows phone began. While popularity soared when the Windows Phone 8 came out, it made no difference in the long run for the platform.

Written by Michael Buchan

Bake Off Blunder

Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith has accidentally revealed the show’s winner, hours before the finale is due to air.

Soon after Prue deleted this tweet revealing the winner, she quickly removed it. With regret, she posted a tweet apologising to all the fans of the show, who were not hoping to find out until the finale this evening. People were shocked to see this tweet, she even lost followers. Other presenters Noel Fielding, Paul Hollywood and Sandy Toxvig were all devastated by Prue’s actions.


We won’t spoil anything here, just in case you are watching, but the reason she gave was due to a ‘time difference’, as she thought the press had gotten it hours earlier.

Written by Ashleigh Britten

Not So Horrifying

To celebrate another year of spookiness, we’re looking at a classic and picking apart until it can’t stand up.

In 1996, the world was reunited with the slasher subgenre with the Neve Campbell movie Scream. It followed the story of Sidney Prescott as she survived the murder spree of two killers who turned out to be her best friends. While it was originally meant to be a parody of slasher movies, it soon became a prime example. Or did it? In the spirit of Halloween, join me as I talk about the issues with Scream.

Two Killers

While having two people doing the slicing and dicing is quite an idea, it still poses its own issues. Having Stu as the other murderer just makes us think that Billy is the killer, then he isn’t, then for a short while he is again, then he isn’t, then it is finally revealed that he is. Wow. Stu is only needed so that there is motive for Drew Barrymore’s death, and to stab Billy when he was practically screaming, “Yo, I’m the murderer, LOL!”

The Rules

One great scene in the movie is where Randy Meeks, played by comedian Jamie Kennedy, explains the rules of horror movie survival. And, the only reason he survived was that he abided by those rules. However, Billy gets Sidney to break a rule, meaning that she will not have what it takes to survive. But… then she doesn’t die. And in the sequel she doesn’t die. And in the trilogy she doesn’t die. And by the fourth one we are asking for her death but… she doesn’t die.

Gale Weathers won’t take the hint

A key character in the movie is news reporter Gale Weathers (played by Courtney Cox, or Friends’s Monica Geller), who says some very hurtful smack about Sidney’s mother’s murder. She pushes it so far that she earns ‘Sidney Prescott’s Patented Smack-in-the-Face’. Looking for a scoop, she helps to catch the killers later on. But she’d get a much larger scoop if she leaves the murderers free to kill more people. Then, in Scream 2, she earns another helping of ‘Sidney Prescott’s Patented Smack-in-the-Face’. She just needs to LET SIDNEY DIE! She deserves it after all of this!

And there we have it. I took an example of fine cinema and turned it on its head. I’ll see you at Christmas to unpick Elf or something like that.

The Best Banned Books

You know, the thought of books being banned due to their content, for the creative vision of an author to be banned in certain countries, must be a hard pill to swallow. If you’re in school you may have seen displays showing the books that certain people may not want you reading. But these aren’t because they’re terrible. It’s simply because some people can’t accept certain types of fiction. So, here are the best-banned books.

7a6159c1a82acbc0-600x400 (1)

Harry Potter – How could we not mention this one? These books were banned in parts of the US because of the apparent ‘promotion of witchcraft’. Sure. That’s what these books are about, not the overcoming of prejudices, or friendships that can form no matter who you are. Or overcoming a powerful evil. No. Who decides this stuff?


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – There are multiple reasons this has been banned, but perhaps the most ridiculous, put forward by one Colorado librarian, was that due to Charlie’s lack of ‘tremendously positive traits’ the book ‘espouses a poor philosophy of life’. Pretty sure Charlie’s defining trait is his heart of gold and the fact at the end of the book he doesn’t betray Wonka. Just saying.


Alice in Wonderland – Oh boy. There are quite a few reasons here too. From the substances the author was on when he wrote the book, to the old chestnut of talking animals, this book is a stout Christian librarian’s nightmare. But who doesn’t love the Cheshire cat?


Captain Underpants – This book is one of my favourites. In 2012 however, this infamous title topped the list of banned books in the US. The series, written by Dav Pilkey, follows two young boys as they accidentally create their own superhero. The amazing Captain Underpants! Want to know why it was banned? Apparently, there was some choice language that parent groups and teachers didn’t really take to. ‘Mean Old Mr Krupp’ was enough to get their knickers in a twist. (HA. Underpants joke).

So, there you go, some banned books you may want to read because it’ll really annoy some uppity people who want to decide what media is right for you to consume. I’m going to see if I can find my copies of Captain Underpants now.

So the 13th Doctor Then…

So, after much anticipation, the new Doctor, for the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who has finally been unveiled. I mean, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll already know that this new Doctor, will be a woman. For the first time in the history of the show, the Doctor will be a female. More specifically:


Jodie Whittaker. She’s been in a few things, probably nothing you lot would have seen, but she was in the drama series Broadchurch and Attack the Block, a film that came out in 2011, about aliens invading a tower block in London.

I think we’re over the initial shock to the system that this move has been. By which I mean who really cares that much about the gender of a fictional character. Some of the best episodes come from gender swaps. Adventure Time notwithstanding.

She will appear in this year’s Christmas Special, called ‘Twice Upon a Time’. She will feature at the end of the episode when the Doctor inevitably regenerates.

We can’t wait to see what they do with this next Doctor!

Who was your favourite Doctor?

Ours was this guy:


The new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer was released a few days ago, and I must say, I was feeling the hype. It was definitely the meatiest trailer we had had for a long time – new snippets of gameplay and story hints lead to a lot of excitement and speculation as to plot and how the game would work.

It seems that you will be able to play it on the brand new Xbox One X in 60fps, UHD. Provided you have the right TV and £449.99 lying around (and if it actually works *cough* PS4 Pro *cough*)


We also received the lovely info that on the 15th of July 2017, at D23, (a hardcore Disney convention) a new trailer and the world will be unleashed upon the internet. A lot to be excited about.

Check out the trailer for KH3 below:

And the newly titled Xbox One X:

“The Simpsons” have a habit of killing off characters over the years (as well as making THOH characters non-cannon), so of course, there are going to be some favourites that end up dying. So, which 5 will we miss the most (and least)?

5) Hugo Simpson II: Bart’s )evil) conjoined twin brother, Hugo, made his first (and only) appearance in THOH VII segment “The thing and I”. Although he’s a non-cannon character, it would be quite interesting to see a second THOH featuring Hugo (and his pigeon-rat hybrid pet).



4)Funzo: This toy-killing toy, first appearing in “Grift of the magi”, has made a few cameo appearances in the background of a few episodes, and while I can’t really see a character who was killed on the tire fire in a cannon episode returning, this Furby-wannabee deserves a version 2.0.



3)Fat Tony (The original one): Fun fact: Fat Tony died of a heart attack back in season 22. Ever since then, his cousin “Fit Tony” took over the Springfield mafia, started stress eating, became fat, and ending up looking exactly like his predecessor. R.I.P Tony D’amico.

Fat tony


2)Maud Flanders: Ah, Ned Flanders, so unlucky in love. Both of his known wives have gone to meet their maker. Ever since a terrible accident involving a T-shirt cannon and a foot-long hot dog, Ned has grieved the loss of his wife. That is, until he met…

Maud Flanders


1)Edna Krabapple-Flanders: Bart’s sarcastic, smoking “Haw”ing teacher Mrs. Krabapple briefly married Ned, until, sadly, her voice actor passed away. Although we never saw Edna’s death, in the 2014 episode “The Man Who Grew Too Much” Ned is shown wearing a black armband and reminiscing about a tango lesson together.

Mrs. K

There was no fanfare when Kingdom Hearts Unchained Cross arrived on the app store. In fact, it was only met with a polite clap and maybe a muffled cough or so from its dedicated fanbase. Most people where actually worried by this new Kingdom Hearts game. What was it doing at the bottom of the app store – and why wasn’t Square giving all its attention to Kingdom hearts III? The community was divided over this new game. And that put a lot of pressure on Square Enix to reunite their fanbase.

The app had, it is fair to say, painful beginnings. Once it had arrived on Google Play in the west, people quickly discovered a bug that disabled it from being downloaded on certain devices.


Square Enix responded to this as quickly as possible, and fans were delighted to find that the issue had been fixed. And, although the game had a fair few haters on a multitude of medias, it was actually a very good app, if you did not expect the usual KH adventure. It had various modes, including online multiplayer (after it was upgraded to KH Union Cross) which were all played by using the slightly controversial but in-depth medal system; you felt like you had to have ’em all!


But the one problem was, the only way to get the very best medals was to spend A LOT of money and time hunting out that HD Namine or Illustrated Sora. And for casual players, the in-app microtransactions came at a ridiculous price. Sure, the came gave you jewels for free every so often, but the ten medal pack came with a hefty price tag of three thousand jewels. And thus, this spawned a new generation of haters on game forums.

But, despite these flaws, this game is really good. I might even go for the in-app purchases…

Enjoy this game, just don’t fall into the money spending deathtrap set by Square.

(Some) Pokemon are Dumb!

I’ll be honest, as much as I love Pokemon, there are some designs which always annoy me. When you create over 800 fictional monsters, there are bound to be a few bad ones, but when Game Freak mess up, they mess up BIG TIME! So, prepare yourself for along and angry rant about these mistakes. 3…2…1 RANT!

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. GEN 5! What happened to Vanilite? It’s almost like a game freak exec walked up to an ice cream van and saw the menu: Small tub, Large cone, Double cone and thought “Hmm. Lets make a Pokemon which embodies these, make the first evolution super cute to trick people into catching it and then reward them by evolving it into a derp!”. And the result? This!


And this guy knows exactly how garbodor was created:


And is it just me, or does Zorua just look like a quadripedal version of Shadow the Hedgehog?

Of course, while this is the worst full generation, there are individual pokes in other gens that are worse (koff koff-JYNX-koff koff). A common example of this is Voltorb and Electrode, but this is occasionally put down to Voltorb being deliberately simple, and Electrode is just it turned upside down. My counterargument:

Inkay and malamar

Nintendo even confirm this by making you TURN YOUR 3DS UPSIDE DOWN TO EVOLVE IT! When Grimer evolves into Muk, it gets bigger. Magnemite to Magneton: add two more magnemite. Doduo to Dodrio: ADD ANOTHER HEAD!

And, as if the original gen one Pokemon weren’t bad enough, they made some of them worse:




In Defence of KH 3D

Kingdom hearts’s 2012 installation was greeted with mixed reviews when it was released, with some saying it was a huge disappointment and some saying it was the best installation to date. I feel as if the people who criticised the game played for five minutes and then made their conclusion almost instantly. As behind the ‘I don’t care if you don’t understand, deal with it!’ start there is surprisingly deep gameplay and a great story, even if it’s a little poorly told at times. Upgrading the characters and their spirits feels purposeful and satisfying at the same time, and the roughly 10 hour campaign is extended by the numerous side quests and mini-games that cleverly reward you in the main story. The worlds feel representative of the Disney worlds even if they are occasionally repetitive, but somehow never lose interest. Mini boss battles keep you on your toes, and trying out a new spirit or magic attack that you crafted yourself or unlocked during the addictive mini-game flick rush is great fun.

Let’s talk about flowmotion. This was a highly criticised new feature that allowed Sora and Riku to utilise their surroundings and zip between locations. Whilst fun and useful, its battle uses were easy to abuse and for the most part felt overly powerful. The dropping system, which also received criticism, is a way to transfer between Sora and Riku in story mode. I honestly found it enjoyable for the most part unless the Drop Gauge ran out during a boss battle, which was annoying but never ruined gameplay. The keyblades were some of the best in the series in my opinion, with my favourite being the Ferris gear (from prankster’s paradise.)

Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance is a great game and easily the best RPG on the 3ds. A game truly for the fans.


+Some of the best worlds we’ve ever visited in the franchise

+New and fresh ideas

+ Solid gameplay

– A poorly told story


Artemis Fowl Cast

Since the Artemis Fowl film was confirmed, fans have been speculating about the cast. Below, I’ve listed the actors who I’d like to appear, and the characters I’d like them to play.

Artemis Fowl: David Mazouz. The “Gotham” actor, who played Bruce Wayne in the show, is the perfect age and looks the part. The two characters are very similar and I think Mazouz would be perfect for the part.

Holly Short: Emma Watson, who has already worked with Disney on the new Beauty and the Beast. She also famously appeared in Harry Potter, so she has experience with magical CGI.

Butler: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Yet again, he has experiences with Disney (he voiced Moai in Moana) and looks the part. He wouldn’t even need a double for some of the fight scenes!

Julius Root: Harrison Ford: Since he’s recovered from his plane FAIL, I think Ford would be a great “Beet”Root, He’s already worked with Disney and, if they made a sequel, they’d get to kill a Harrison Ford character AGAIN.

Opal Koboi: Melissa Rauch: Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch would be brilliant for the part of the sociopathic pixie Koboi.

Briar Cudgeon: David Tennant: The ex-doctor and dark wizard (Is it really so evil to murder the main character of twilight?) would be perfect to play Koboi’s right-hand Elf. He can play both the power-hungry LEP officer and the evil, deformed traitor he became.

Nuff’ said.

So, it’s been speculated since 2014. It’s had a LOT of trailers. Fans were going crazy. And now it’s finally here. Yes, I’m reviewing the LEGO Batman Movie, a film that’s, well, to put it this way… WOW! It’s got the action, it’s got the humour, and it’s got a shed load of references. This is the Batman movie we deserve after the disappointment of Batman vs Superman. It’s great!

What I like about the movie is that Warner Bros can make Batman really dark over in the DC Extended Universe, then mock how dark it’s gotten with LEGO. It’s good to see the contrast in this kids’ movie, just as it is to see how many references to the dark stuff they can fit in here. In the opening scene, we here an unimpressed pilot tell the Joker, “What about that time with the two boats?” which references 2008 movie ‘The Dark Knight’, where Joker tries to make two boats ships blow each other up. Visual references were there as well, multiple being toward Lazlo Valentin, A.K.A Professor Pyg, a character too dark to be in the movie himself.

maxresdefault (1)

I also enjoyed the plot-line, as the film has a sub-plot about the Joker’s (Zach Galifianakis) desperate attempt to prove himself as Batman’s (Will Arnett) arch-nemesis. It follows the protocol of a romantic relationship, but altered enough to be a hero-villain nemesis, for example, “Tell me you hate me, or we’re done!” This is a funny concept. but the main plot is of Batman becoming a part of a family and not living in solitude. Of course, the Caped Crusader is known to be a bit of a loner, and this provides a good feeling for Batman as he teams up with Robin (Michael Cera), Batgirl (Rosario Dawson) and Alfred (Ralph Fiennes). It’s nice to give an emotional aspect to a movie that’s full of humour.

Overall, this is a great movie. It’s got all the action, emotion and humour, and it’s great for fans of animation, LEGO and DC alike. There’s more I’d like to say, but it involves spoilers. I love it!

Orisa has been launched on the PTR (Public test realm) officially this month and console players are waiting with baited breath for her to appear on live servers. Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch director, has stated in a post on the official Overwatch website that fans can expect Orisa to arrive later in the month, unlike Sombra and Ana who had few days on the PTR before reaching live servers. ‘Orisa is the sixth tank to join the Overwatch lineup, with her moveset built around putting herself in harm’s way to protect her allies. Using her Fusion Driver, an automatic gun with a decent range to boot, she can lay down sustained covering fire. This is offstet by slower movement when firing and long reload times. Of course, she can use alternate fire, Halt!, to slow any enemies in her sights, getting them on her level’ stated Blizzards’s Jeff Kaplan. He also said to expect balance changes when Orisa hits live servers. Queries were also raised when someone on the Blizzard forum mentioned the Winston buffs. On the PTR many players found that Winston was a powerful enemy against Orisa.

‘I don’t think it would be wise to go around making Winston too powerful before Orisa’s live release’ stated Kaplan. ‘We realise that there is a passion for both characters right now and our main focus is to keep the heroes balanced while making sure Orisa makes a smooth transition from PTR to live servers.’ Since writing, Orisa has been confirmed to arrive on console March 21.


Cafe Review: Costa

Costa is a wonderful place to sit and have a snack.

It is child friendly with the delicious hot chocolate and tasty cakes and tarts. It has impeccable service and very friendly staff. Olivia Barnett, 10, said, “The flapjacks and popcorn are nice!”

Costa is famous for its coffee. People from all parts of town flock here for its legendary hot drinks!
Although it’s filled with tasty treasures, Costa has its downsides- Charlie Millican, 10, says “They could make it cheaper!” and lots of people agree!

By Mishka B-J.

Overwatch Lucio Advanced Guide

Lucio is not your typical first-person-shooter character. How often do you come across a beat boxing Brazilian DJ in possession of a blaster powerful enough to shred the enemy team? One thing is for certain; he is easy to pick up, but hard to master. So how do you learn to play him like a pro?

For console players, I recommend switching his jump to LT, his secondary fire to LB, and his cross-fade to A. This is beneficial for numerous reasons, which I will explain later. Also, I would recommend turning on ‘allow backwards wall ride’ as this will allow you to perform more difficult manoeuvres with his wall riding abilities.

So, why switch his jump to LT? Well, if you previously had jump on A (or the PS4 equivalent) you may have found it difficult to ride walls for sustained lengths of time, due to you not being able to use the right stick. Switching to LT completely solves this problem, and you should feel an instant difference. So what are the benefits? Wall riding is a useful skill to climb walls and pillars, on all maps, especially maps like Ilios ruins and Route 66. It can also be used to confuse enemies; watch McCree’s melt as you taunt them with your skills! Use wall riding in creative ways to escape all sorts of difficult situations, and to ascend up walls.

Cross-Fading, his ability to switch between healing and speed boosting beats, is probably the most powerful tool at his disposal, and also a useful way of moving the battle along. Although other people may tell you to remain on healing aura all the time, his speed buff is actually as useful; it can be used to the rhythm of his jumps to evade enemies. Amp It Up can be used to speed from one side of the map to the other when combined with his speed buff and wall riding, a useful evasion tactic. Switching cross-fade to A allows you to switch between healing and speed quickly, which is unbelievably useful. As you rack up hours as Lucio, you will find that Cross-Fading comes naturally to the rhythm of your jumps.

Remember, Lucio is not a front line hero, but the best Lucio players in the world succeed by thinking outside the box. Don’t be headstrong, but if you think you can take out anyone, you probably can!

Play Lucio to his strengths, avoid his weaknesses and be confident in your abilities to become a great player. You will lose matches, but it is unrealistic to imagine yourself at pro level immediately. Keep playing, find what’s comfortable for you, and you’ll be on the road to success!

The geniuses at Illumination and Universal (Despicable Me, Minions) have done it again, in this hilarious animated comedy movie for the whole family. Starring Louis C.K (American Hustle, Role Models), Eric Stonestreet (Identity Thief, Bad Teacher) and Kevin Hart (Central Intelligence, Ride Along), this is a treat that’s hard to beat. The reviews for this movie, officially, are 75% (Rotten Tomatoes) and 6.7/10 (IMDB), but I believe that they should be much higher.

So, what’s the plot? Basically, to put it in a nutshell, a dog, Max, with a very strong relationship with his owner, has his life turned upside-down when a new pooch called Duke moves in. A series of feuds results in the two getting lost in their urban city and captured by Animal Control. Cue Snowball, a homicidal maniac who just so happens to be a cute bunny. After lying about having no owner, the dogs are recruited onto his team. That is, until the truth is found out. With both their new enemies and old friends attempting to find them, the film results in a wild goose chase to get them home.

In conclusion, I believe that this movie is excellent, and the characters work really well. They have also humorously stereotyped the different breeds of dog and cat, which is hilarious. I say that this movie is a must-see!

4.5/5 stars

Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon, a remake of the (frankly pants) Disney film from 1977, has been released recently. This new version is a vast improvement on the original film, portraying Pete as a young Tarzan, lost in the woods after a car crash. However, he soon befriends a gargantuan, emerald dragon named Elliot.

Years later, a forest ranger and a group of loggers find the 12 year old boy in the woods. Grace, the ranger, takes him in. At this point, the story escalates to a more high-octane adventure, involving two kids stealing a dragon on a truck, a burning bridge and an aerial display by half a dozen dragons.

The story itself is an extremely touching tale about friendship, family and love. The special effects are top-notch and the characters have real depth. Pete’s world is so realistic-seeming, it feels like you could step through the screen and into the ewok-esque tree-house (which is a lot more plausible than in Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson) that they call home.

This film is far better than its 70’s namesake and the animators deserve real credit for animating 15M green dragon hairs perfectly.

US Harry Potter Revealed!

JK Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter series, has given us some information on the new houses that feature in the new spin-off film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The magic school in the new film will be in the USA, and is called Illvermorny, which has four houses just like Hogwarts.

They are; Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird, and Pukwudgie.


In an interview over the new school and houses, JK said that some people have already given their ideas as to what they think each house means.

So, Horned Serpent has more scholars, and people who are eager to learn. Wampus values warriors, those who are brave and strong. Pukwudgie houses healers and helpers. Last but not least, Thunderbird encourages adventurers.

The rules are a little different in this school, due to the fact that this film will be set in the 1920’s.

Wands were not allowed to be taken out of school, and were only given when the students got to the school.

I mean, we all know how out of hand things can get with wands outside of school. Remember Aunt Marge?

aunt marge

And Ron’s accident in The Chamber of Secrets?


He tried bless him.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released later this year in November! In the mean time, I’m thinking a Harry Potter marathon is in order.


Super Mario Bros. Cheats!

Super Mario Bros is a game from 1985 released for the NES, SNES and Gameboy Advance, as well as on Virtual Console for Wii, Wii U and 3DS. You can also download a 64-in-1 NES emulator from Google Play which includes the game. While those who own the game will probably play through it normally, there are bits, bobs, thingamajigs and shortcuts to help you beat the game.

Warp zone in W1-2 – At the end of the level, there are some moving platforms that take you upwards. Wail until you reach the top, then hop onto the bricks above the pipe. Run along them, then drop down into the warp zone. Enter a pipe to travel to that world.


You can also do the same in world 4-2.

Warp Zone (SECRET) in W4-2 – After you reach the first platforms, you’ll find three brick blocks. Jump underneath the second and third blocks, and the space to the left of the first one. DO NOT JUMP UNDER THE FIRST BLOCK (Shown as the exclamation mark)! Then, climb up the staircase you have built, run over the bricks and down onto the next block. Now comes the hard part. Carefully, jump and hit the first brick. You’ll release a beanstalk. Climb it and you’re outside. Collect the coins if you wish, then you’ll reach the warp zone. Choose world 6, 7 or 8.

The ‘Game Over’ tactic – isn’t it annoying when you’ve made it to the final castle and find yourself overpowered by Bowser on your last life? Worry not! Instead of having to restart the game from SUPER easy W1-1, you can continue from the world in which you blundered. Warning: this only sometimes works. Simply hold A on the game over screen. Keep a tight hold on it from start to finish, don’t let go. On the 1p/2p screen, keep holding A and press start. If you’re lucky, you should start further on than usual.


Coin rooms – Some fun little bonuses to help rack up your lives are coin rooms. These are placed in random levels, one of which is the very first one. You’ll find a series of pipes, spaced a few blocks apart. Go down the last one. There are 19 coins to go towards an extra life, and it warps you to much later on in the level (if you don’t go down the pipe then there’s a 1up mushroom just next to it. Just jump above the large bush.)!

Minus World – WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU HAVE ANY HOPES OR DREAMS OF COMPLETING THE GAME ON THIS ATTEMPT!!! Minus world is a glitch level, regarded as arguably the most famous glitch in video game history. At the end of world 1-2, stand on the rim of the pipe that takes you to the flagpole. Duck whilst facing left. Now, while ducking, jump towards the pipe. If you land in the right spot, you will travel through the pipe and enter the warp zone. Go down the first pipe. Welcome to world -1! (You are guaranteed to get a “Game Over” in this level, as the pipe at the end will take you to the start of the level, so you will run out of time.


And so, this brings us to the end of this guide. I hope these tricks will help you beat Super Mario Bros quicker (except for trick 5)!