A new Lego set has been announced for Minecraft!

The 1,600 piece set features a number of new character models, and potentially hundreds of new ideas!

The box set comes with more than five mini-figures including; Steve, Alex (hey that’s my name), Zombie, Zombie Villager, the Iron Golem, and a number of animals that could be found in game.

The set also comes with buildable biomes too, (different parts of the world, like desert, forest and jungle). The recommended age is eight years and up, so maybe get some help when building, as most of the bricks used are tiny.

It should (hopefully), come out looking amazing, with limitless ways to connect to other playsets.

Check them out below!

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Although most of you probably don’t know it, an exciting school competition has just taken place. Children in top set Literacy in Thorp Academy, formerly Ryton Comprehensive, in Gateshead were given an ever-so-simple design brief: to create a concept for a video game.

The competition was on. The students worked in teams to create levels, characters, techniques and interactivity with the hope of winning a fantastic prize. Here is a basic set of guidelines.

  1. Character Sketches
  2. 1st level map layout
  3. Music can be added
  4. Title that is original (doesn’t already exist)
  5. Suitable content

Gateshead Libraries Andrew Hodgkinson hosted the presentation night which was on the 5th of February and at Gateshead Central Library, where the four Thorp teams went head-to-head, while two teams from other schools came with their designs in hand too. There was a vintage Xbox and a SEGA Megadrive II, refreshments and even a gamer quiz to complete before the presentation began.

Each team took it in turns to give a speech about their games. There was; a game about a tower with rising water, a moderately scary game about dreams, a game based on the book ‘The School for Good and Evil’, a game about a multi-dimensional shift, and that was just the beginning.

After a short interval to allow the judges from Gateshead College decide, it was revealed that Thorp Academy managed to snag 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

The prize for the winning team was a £20 Amazon gift voucher and was given at the Gamerama event at Gateshead College. The event included games such as Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man, Star Wars characters and fun hands on activities. The event was held by Anime Attacks in conjunction with Gateshead libraries.

So, if you’re feeling creative, why not have a go at next year’s Gamerama?


Lucas K (A student at Thorp Academy)

Movie Review: Spectre

Bond is saving the world… again.

The newest villain’s name is Spectre. 007 is back working for MI6 and is in charge of finding out about what Spectre is planning. He travels the world initially to find out any information he can on Spectre – who or what they are. In the process, he drives, flies and runs through a series of exciting stunts. Bond finally discovers that Spectre wants to control the internet illegally. There is a twist. Spectre’s head knows Bond from his past…

My favourite character was Q, the geeky funny assistant who’s in charge of MI6’s gadgets and tech. He isn’t exactly a main character, but provides character to the scene by being in the background occasionally speaking.

My favourite part of the movie was when the glamorous Bond girl is kidnapped by the main villain, and Bond is caught in a win-lose situation, forcing him to rescue the girl, and catch the bad guys at once.

I would rate Bond’s newest bash a 2 out of 5, and probably wouldn’t recommend it, as there was too much action and not enough information. The film dragged on quite a bit, in what was probably little under three hours.

In conclusion, it wasn’t as impressive as some of the other movies in the Bond series.

Elizabeth D (A student at Thorp Academy)

Book Review: Girl Online

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (known as Zoella on YouTube) is a beauty and entertainment vlogger (video blogger), and entertains millions of fans every day. She is so successful that she’s had two books published, and has her own make-up brand which she released earlier this year.

Her books are amazing. The series is about a girl called Penny, who is exceptionally clumsy. In the first book, called Girl Online, Penny’s parents whisk her away to New York where she meets ‘Mr. Perfect’. However, Mr Perfect is keeping a mega secret from her, and when she finds out, she isn’t impressed that he lied to her. She keeps a blog with an unknown identity, called ‘Girl Online’, but when people discover who she is, will everyone still love her, or just forget her?

Penny is a very clumsy girl, and she gets embarrassed very easily. She is quite gullible, and this often leads her into trouble. Penny is into photography and takes her camera everywhere. She’s a casual sort of girl and has auburn, curly hair.

The recommended audience would be young girls from age nine and up. The book contains no strong language or anything else bad. It has its funny moments, and some romantic and sad.

Zoe’s YouTube account would be recommended for a similar audience. She doesn’t swear on her main channel, but when she collaborates with other YouTubers, she sometimes can. She does shopping videos, make-up videos, and other miscellaneous projects. She releases daily content, and has a large fan base of people who enjoy her videos.

You can view her channel here.

By Abigail C ( A student at Thorp Academy, Gateshead)