Game Review: FIFA 19


FIFA is a classic game we have all loved and played for years! From FIFA International Soccer which was released on 15th July 1993, all the way to FIFA 19 which was released on 28th September 2018. We have had over 25 years of blissful enjoyment from being able to control the best players across the globe for our personal satisfaction of hearing that net rip when you blast the ball in the back of the goal!

FIFA 19 is the latest release which I will be commenting on today. I have ten months of experience of the game so I will be able to cover all aspects thoroughly.

Let’s get started!



Overall, the gameplay is incredibly exciting and always manages to surprise you. Every time you power up your console and load up FIFA, you’re treated to the infamous line “EA Sports, it’s in the game!” That alone could take anyone on an interminable nostalgia trip, remembering happy times spent as a child having a blast playing ‘the virtual beautiful game’.

The graphics are absolutely astonishing and there is nothing quite like watching the football curl into the goal from 30 yards out in the 90th minute of the match and then that being followed by Martin Tyler, the commentator, screaming “OHHHH! WHAT HIT!” That feeling is unmatchable and no other game can give you an adrenaline rush anywhere near similar.

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The atmosphere of the game fills the stadium like a tsunami roaring and bombarding into a vulnerable city, and when the ball crosses the line you are immediately accompanied by this overwhelming support of your fans.

Sometimes even the little things can be extremely rewarding, like nutmegging your opponent, which can be severely humiliating for the opposition and tremendously empowering for yourself.

Features in the game

Some of the features in FIFA 19 are exceptionally thrilling! One that really stands is FUT CHAMPIONS, this an abbreviation for FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM CHAMPIONS. It is by far the most competitive and intense game mode on there. Accompanied by the ever-so-popular game mode ULTIMATE TEAM, where you can play with any player you want across the globe and have eleven of them all in your control at once, FUT CHAMPIONS adds an aspect to the game we have never seen in any of games in the franchise before.

You have thirty games and get rewarded based on how many of these challenging, stimulating and perplexing games you take victory on. I have never experienced something more nerve-wracking than having one game left out of the thirty and being one win away from moving up a rank. There is nothing else that matters in the world at that time and that is what separates this game from the rest.

In conclusion, I would rate FIFA 19 a well-deserved and solid 9/10. It is a must-buy and will change your gaming experience forever!

By Tom M, a student at St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School