Book Review: Wolf Brother


Wolf Brother is the best book in the series of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.

After the Ice Age, more than 5,000 years ago, a young boy named Torak understood the natural world he lived in. Prey that was hunted would not be wasted – not one ounce. Deer not only gave them food, but provided them with clothes, shoes, roped and more necessary items.

Early in the story, a bear-like figure slays Torak’s father, but before they see it, it disappears. The whole forest was destroyed, pines scattered all over the ground and fallen trees surrounding them. All they could hear was the sound of birds screeching. Before Torak’s father dies, Torak was told to save the woods from the bear. From that moment on, his quest began. However, he needs an animal guide to help him along the way.


At this point, the author, Michelle Paver, thinks about the setting and which animals live in a forest. This is where ‘Wolf’ comes into Wolf Brother. Later in the journey, Torak comes across a clan and finds a friend to come along on his quest.

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The characters in Wolf Brother created by Paver are unforgettable because they work well as a team and their bond is almost unbreakable. The research put into the outstanding plot is phenomenal and could not be better. In the novel, Paver described how people lived more than 5,000 years ago so well and makes whoever is reading Wolf Brother feel sucked into that world of thrilling adventure.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, just read this amazing book. This series triumphs above all others.

By Matilda B, a pupil at Emmaville Primary School