The Best Banned Books

You know, the thought of books being banned due to their content, for the creative vision of an author to be banned in certain countries, must be a hard pill to swallow. If you’re in school you may have seen displays showing the books that certain people may not want you reading. But these aren’t because they’re terrible. It’s simply because some people can’t accept certain types of fiction. So, here are the best-banned books.

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Harry Potter – How could we not mention this one? These books were banned in parts of the US because of the apparent ‘promotion of witchcraft’. Sure. That’s what these books are about, not the overcoming of prejudices, or friendships that can form no matter who you are. Or overcoming a powerful evil. No. Who decides this stuff?


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – There are multiple reasons this has been banned, but perhaps the most ridiculous, put forward by one Colorado librarian, was that due to Charlie’s lack of ‘tremendously positive traits’ the book ‘espouses a poor philosophy of life’. Pretty sure Charlie’s defining trait is his heart of gold and the fact at the end of the book he doesn’t betray Wonka. Just saying.


Alice in Wonderland – Oh boy. There are quite a few reasons here too. From the substances the author was on when he wrote the book, to the old chestnut of talking animals, this book is a stout Christian librarian’s nightmare. But who doesn’t love the Cheshire cat?


Captain Underpants – This book is one of my favourites. In 2012 however, this infamous title topped the list of banned books in the US. The series, written by Dav Pilkey, follows two young boys as they accidentally create their own superhero. The amazing Captain Underpants! Want to know why it was banned? Apparently, there was some choice language that parent groups and teachers didn’t really take to. ‘Mean Old Mr Krupp’ was enough to get their knickers in a twist. (HA. Underpants joke).

So, there you go, some banned books you may want to read because it’ll really annoy some uppity people who want to decide what media is right for you to consume. I’m going to see if I can find my copies of Captain Underpants now.