The Face of Gaming?


Who do you think of when you think of the face of gaming? Is it Mario (Nintendo), Sonic (Sega) or Link(Nintendo)?

Why do you find them so iconic and what makes them stick in your mind? So let’s talk about that.

When game designers make a character they want something simple and recognisable at a glance. Take Mario, Link and Sonic for three easy examples. Do you know why they are easy? Because there are countless successful games from them and their design is noticeable and basic.

Talking of Mario – his hat is a major feature of his design and it is featured in his newest game Mario Odyssey. If Odyssey didn’t give it away he travels across his world to save the princess again…….When he does this he uses his hat and you see it in promotional material for the game, as well as in the gameplay, so you’re seeing it everywhere. When you see it over and over again it becomes so recognisable and you think- that’s Mario. Another thing that is recognisable about Mario is his small stature and plump physique because no matter if it is 2D or 3D, the design will always shine through the crowd.

Now I hope now you understand how Nintendo is cramming their characters into your head so it encourages you to spend your money on games (and merchandise that costs way too much for just plastic!)