What Decade has the best music

Arianna Grande

This article is going to show you some of the best music to come out over the years since the sixties. After that, you can make your choice as to which your favourite might be.

The Sixties

The sixties was a brilliant music decade. Songs such as ‘I heard it through the Grapevine’ by Marvin Gaye and ‘My Girl’ by the Temptations (also featured in the movie ‘My Girl’ in 1991) and ‘Be My Baby’ by The Ronettes were all released this year. While one of the most popular bands of the sixties was the  Liverpudlian band The Beatles.

The Seventies

The seventies are a personal favourite decade of music here at BeepJunior, introducing ABBA with ‘Dancing Queen’, Queen with various hits including ‘Somebody to Love’, Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’, Led Zeppelin with ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and of course Roberta Flack with ‘Killing Me Softly’.

The Eighties

Michael Jackson had tons of hits in the 1980s, such as ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat it!’. Another artist of the eighties, was Prince. He was very popular and had songs such as ‘When Doves Cry’ or my mum’s favourite ‘Purple Rain’. Other artists of the 1980s include Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, A-Ha, Guns N’ Roses, U2, Whitney Houston and the list goes on. But it was obvious that rock was very popular during the 1980s.

The Nineties

The most classic songs of the nineties include ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC, ‘Wannabe’ by Spice Girls, ‘Don’t Speak’ by No Doubt, ‘…Baby one more time’ by Britney Spears, ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis, ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer and ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child.  R&B was very popular during the 1990s and this is when Rap was becoming more recognised, with artists like Tupac and Snoop Dogg on the radio.

The Noughties

This decade is easier to write for me, since I was actually alive in the 2000’s, even though I was very young. This is where Pop and Rap were.  For example, at this time, rappers including Eminem or Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Nelly, 50 Cent were creating music that would still be popular a decade later. Some Pop artists that emerged in the 2000’s would be Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, while bands that were popular in the 2000’s were The Black Eyed Peas, The Killers,  Maroon 5 and The Pussycat Dolls and Panic! At the Disco.

The 2010’s

Now, we’re in the 2010’s. But hanging on the edge because it is 2019 and the last year of this decade. Rap is still very popular including Rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Post Malone, Stormzy to name but a few dominating the charts. Stars of the Pop music world consist of Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, BTS and Psy (with his one hit wonder ‘Gangnam Style). Katy Perry is still popular and we have other female pop artists such as, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello and Arianna Grande, who has been very successful with all her latest songs being number one hits, all proving likeable and attracting serious fan bases.