Windows 10 Phone Is No More

Whoo Hoo!

After a good twenty years, Windows 10 Mobile, formally known as Windows Phone, is dead.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh, I mean, windows phone did have some quite cool features, like continuum, where you can connect your phone to your monitor and/or keyboard and mouse and get a somewhat usable windows desktop experience, but really, Microsoft just couldn’t get the developer backing and thus no users really joined the platform, except those looking for a low-end phone that ran well.

Bill Gates himself no longer even uses a windows phone – he said recently that he had switched to an Android phone (with Microsoft apps), but was this the right decision?

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Well, it’s always been known that Windows phone never gained all that much market share over its entire life, having experienced the most popularity really back in the late 90s, early 2000s, when it was competing against Palm’s Web OS on “Portable digital assistants,” and the extremely young market of smartphones.

However, since the market changing iPhone was released 10 years ago and with Android hot on its heels, the decline of the Windows phone began. While popularity soared when the Windows Phone 8 came out, it made no difference in the long run for the platform.

Written by Michael Buchan