Xbox One X Overpriced?

The newest edition to the Xbox family has been revealed at this year’s E3, and it is said to be the world’s most powerful console, outweighing last year’s PS4 Pro. Coming out in November, it is to have 22 games made especially for it. However, the price charged for this console is set at £449. Is it worth this?

Well, for one thing, the console is essentially an upgrade of the original Xbox One, and the newer Xbox One S. For a console that basically just plays the same games as the originals, plus a few more (but not enough to be considered original), it doesn’t have enough to make it unique. It also has a similar operating system to the originals, so it’s just another reboot, like the GameBoy Advance SP. With the obligation to fork out that heavy sum, you’d be better off with a previous model. After all, the Xbox One itself is rapidly dropping in price.

Another point is the fact that you are paying for a console (unless your livelihood depends on it) you will only play on for a small amount of time each day. Considering that you either have a school or a job, your Xbox time will be excessively depleted. The time you spend playing your video games is not worth the hefty price, just so it’s “next-gen”.  What’s the point, people? For what it’s worth, again, you’re better off with an earlier version.

However, on the other hand, this new console is the most powerful games console ever. It outweighs the PS4 Pro and the only things more powerful than it are PCs with double the price tag. This means that for the mighty power that this machine has to offer Is second to none in the world of console gaming. It’s way better than PlayStation and don’t start with the inferiority of Nintendo.

In conclusion, while a great console, the new Xbox is very overpriced. It is still much better to use a last-gen Xbox One or even Xbox One S. The price tag, in my opinion, must be lowered considerably for this to be a good price for all but hardcore gamers.