They’ve survived a burning spa, a man-made-man, and time-travel chocolate, but can Cass, Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji’s Friendship survive when Cass’s responsibilities as the secret-keeper come between them? As if this wasn’t bad enough, Dr. L, Ms. Mauvais and Lord Pharaoh are out for their blood. Throw in a walkabout mummy, invisible thief and the allegations they’ve stolen a museum artefact leads to one major emotional rollercoaster. But as the Secret series draws to its dramatic conclusion, one burning question remains, will the valiant terces society beat the evil alchemists of the midnight sun or will they learn the all-consuming secret?

The best part by far is the dramatic final battle on the Vegas stage of the Cairo Hotel, culminating in Cass learning the secret…almost. However, no good book is complete without a hint of sadness and the death of Luciano and Pietro Bergamo Certainly add this to the storyline.

I would certainly recommend this book, particularly to ages 9-13. The first time I opened the first book in this series, “the name of this book is secret”, I fell in love. It was one of the best books I’ve read (“Harry Potter and the goblet of fire” is close second) and I still regularly revisit them.

By Archie R (A student at Thorp Academy)